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Petaltone Vibrational Essences


David Eastoe is a music therapist and sound healer who, one day, sat down to meditate and asked if there was another way to use his creativity. The answer came as a 'yes'. He had opened a doorway to the unknown, and something was emerging through it.

The first step was to use some flower essences from Holland that worked by adding different colours to the aura via evaporation. In this way he discovered the potential of energy field application of plant essences.

red hibiscus His next step was to make a plant essence for himself which was assessed by a one of his spiritual elders who reported that it was good stuff. So he set about walking the Chiltern Hills looking for new and interesting wild plants, especially ones that would help him on his healing journey.

One summer he made twelve new essences and then set about discovering what they were good for. After much meditation a dowsing plan emerged which allowed assessment of the essences potential on multiple levels. Also the aura application (as opposed to taking them internally) seemed to allow access to more subtle levels.

He was also looking for plants which would help him with his own psychic sensitivity, which led to vulnerability and not being able to deal with some of the energies that he was encountering. The essences he had made seemed to help greatly in cleansing the energies around his aura. The clients he began using them on also experienced beneficial energy shifts.

glastoview The essences were developing into an interesting hobby. Moving to South West England, near Glastonbury, in the heart of Neolithic Britain, with standing stones, Iron Age hill forts and powerful Ley Lines added some spice to the energy equation. It was not long before 'Crystal Clear' was discovered, which he initially assumed was for cleansing the energies in crystals, but which turned out to also be a remarkable space clearing essence, and very useful, too! In the UK we experience a lot more energy pollution than in some 'younger' countries. Many towns and villages are mediaeval, and the energies of those times still linger your 16th century farmhouse may look nice on a postcard but the vibes inside could well leave you wondering if you can survive a single night!

hibiscus2smllFancy sharing with a few 400 year old occupants, some human, some not. Think of the numbers of battles, invasions, slaughters, witch burnings, which have occurred over several thousands of years, and you begin to get the picture.

It seems much of England was a psychic nightmare for centuries. Not many places are clear. So having some help with space clearing has been an unbelievable bonus. One cottage was so dark that the light from the windows never really seemed to penetrate the gloom. After treatment the physical level of light was increased by around 50%.

This eventually led him to Hawaii where many unique plants survive precariously amongst the human ecological disruption (134 species are on the seriously endangered list). These essences can access deep and subtle levels ~ physical, emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual, astral and etheric.

plumerialanzaThe first essences created were used for space clearing and used to cleanse the energies in buildings, dispersing entities and stale atmospheres, performing exorcisms and cleansing personal auras too.

Applying the essences via evaporation into the energy bodies directly is extremely powerful and opens up a whole new field of energy medicine and access to the human energy field.

Petaltone Vibrational Essences are an amazing system of working with plant power and combining them with the work and therapies that you already use or can be used as a treatment system on its own. The power of these essences are incredible and very different from other Plant essences.

Petaltone Plant Ally in particular is a powerful master spirit wishing to work with those whose heart intention is to heal and move forward in spiritual growth. In partnership with Natural Quartz Devas, the Master Spirit opens up an entirely new way of working with plants and crystals, for enhanced vibrational healing, incredible space clearing and many other psycho-spiritual tasks.

More details can be found on www.petaltone.co.uk