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Many years ago, when I was a medical student, no-one ever discussed the topic of Healing Energy. Indeed, for most of my medical career, complimentary therapies of all types were held in scant regard. But times change, and now one in three of all patients have seen a complimentary therapist of some sort and the medical profession is beginning to recognise their value. I have experienced Healing on several occasions. Following the Healing sessions, I have felt a deep feeling of peace, relaxation and well being. Soon after my last session, my physical problems resolved, and I am sure the Healing was a major contributory factor in this. In my opinion, Healing sessions, with a qualified and trusted Healer, is a very positive way to improve one's health and well being.”

Dr Adam Price, FRCGP - Cornwall, UK
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“Since 2007 I have had various illnesses and traumas. This resulted in a lot of pain, weight loss, depression and lack of confidence. A friend suggested I visit Helen. I cannot put into words the healing I received on my first visit. It was an amazing experience and I could not wait for my second visit. As you can see from the photographs I am so much better. I am already looking forward to my third and final visit. Thank you Helen.”

M.M. - Truro, Cornwall
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“Many Thanks for the wonderful work you have done for myself and especially my Daughter. We had tried many things to get back the little girl that had got angry and lost along the way, but the best thing we did was introduce her to you and your work. She is a different girl…lifted… and happier her face looks bright and full where as before her eyes were dead…she had lost interest in everything around her and had a strong sense of injustice and self destruction it was so heartbreaking to see and the whole family suffered with her anger. Our home is warmer and calmer and we are all smiling and not walking on eggshells anymore…..we are all living again not just existing. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU. With much Love, L, J and family xxx

J.L. - Cornwall
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“Dear Helen, I am amazed at the transformation in my son, thank you so much.”

B - Cornwall
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I had to write to thank you for the treatment I received. I am delighted that I now feel so well. I used to have so much pain in my left arm and this is now much better and I can put my ‘bra on by myself. I used to have difficulty closing my left hand, but now I can move and use it. I am so pleased that I came to see you. Thank you.

I.C. - Gunnislake, Cornwall
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I just had to write to you. I am sleeping without the pills - Hurrah! I feel relaxed, calm and am sleeping well. What more can I ask? Thank you so much.

M.G. - Pontypridd, South Wales
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I am completely different after my therapy sessions with you. I can now concentrate; I feel more alive and focused. I now look forward to the future instead of being depressed. The before and after photos show the difference. Thank you.

D.H. - Carbis Bay, Cornwall

I do not know how to put into words how very strongly your healing treatment has helped me. Over the years I have undergone a number of complimentary healing treatments with varying results. After being treated by you I have been so much better and feel years younger. Instead of being in constant pain as had become normal for me, I have experienced, most of the time, since your treatment, pain free. I am lighter in body, mind and heart. I really feel the healing you give is something quite different and very successful, and quite out of the ordinary.

R.K. - Colchester, Essex

I was diagnosed with cancer of the bowel in October 2003, which was operated on in the November. My wife suggested that I see Helen for healing. But I am a professional sceptic and refused. Shortly afterwards I suffered a pulmonary embolism and was prescribed Warfarin and advised against having chemotherapy. Feeling depressed and abandoned, I decided to see Helen, not expecting that it would do any good but knowing that it would not do any harm, either. I was so wrong. The outcome is remarkable. I have begun to live again and have resumed my old hobbies. I am no longer sceptical of the power of holistic healing and now can only endorse it. I have been given my life back again.

T.H. - Penzance, Cornwall

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“Just felt that I had to write and say thank you so much for helping me. I don't really understand how it all works but I do understand how much you have helped me. I am not sure how I would be now if I hadn't met you. I am so much more relaxed and a lot less stressed and anxious. The good thing is I know that if I do need your help again you will be there for me.”

B.G. - Truro, Cornwall
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Dear Helen, Just a line to say how beneficial to my general wellbeing your treatment has been. I have slept so much better and been generally more relaxed. I think my photos say it all if any proof were needed. Thank you so much. Yours sincerely, RR”

R.R. - Hayle, Cornwall
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Dear, dear Helen, What can i say? I didn't need a car I could have floated home! You have transformed me and I am so grateful. I now have my confidence back, both in myself and my future. I have energy and vigour. You are amazing! Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

J.H. - Cornwall
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I tried the normal avenues of help after my car accident last year to no avail. I was recommended to you and came with an open mind. I was very pleasantly surprised. My life has improved and I now feel able to cope with life. Thank you.”

J.A. - Paignton, Devon
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I must admit I came to you with certain reservations but with an open mind. I had seen the benefits in A**** and thought, "Why not give it a go myself?" As a result of the two treatments I have found myself more relaxed and calmer. I can relate the experience to the peace and calmness you can sometimes find in a church. The experience makes sense in an Age when we have little time to stand and stare and as I get older my personal values are constantly under attack.
A***** has noticed a difference, there can be no higher commendation Thank you so much, Helen.

D.C. - Cornwall

I have just had some photos of Joe developed and it brought home to me just what a difference your chakra balancing and healing made to him. He is a different boy. His eyes light up, he smiles and is happy & alert, whereas before he was miserable and unresponsive, always in a world of is own, constantly crying. The very next day he was happier, calmer and for the first time since he was born, started taking in the world around him. Even Ian (the sceptic doctor who told me not to waste my time and money coming to see you) had to admit that Joe was a lot happier


I just thought I'd drop you a line to say that Joe's brother, Josh, is now a picture of health since he was balanced. Every day I look at his healthy pink cheeks and remember what a pale child he used to be. He used to stand out in a group of children because he was so white faced but I never thought that he would be any different or that there was anything wrong with him, it was just the way he was. Josh used to get tired by mid-day and have to lie down and rest. He was always in bed by 6pm and asleep the minute his head hit the pillow. Now he has had the same level of energy all day and is still awake at 8.30pm most nights and later on weekends!!!!!! This, however, has had an adverse effect on my own energy levels and you will find me in bed by 9pm most nights. (I wouldn't change a thing.)

H.P. - Rhondda, South Wales

My little girl, Fiona Madelaine Helena, was born on the 18th June. She is so placid and content - I'm sure that must be something to do with your influence so I have added the last name - I hope you don't mind? Many, many thanks for helping, me through a difficult time. I couldn't have done it without you.

J.B. - Callestick, Cornwall

As soon as I walked into your home I felt warmed and welcomed. I was in such a desperate state, I didn't know what to do with myself, and I know it was a silly thing to have done, to put myself in hospital. I was so worried about the attack and everything that happened after, the investigations etc. I couldn't cope any more and I just saw it as a way out, but it wasn't. I don't know where I would be now without your help.

D.B. - Wendron, Cornwall
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Dear Helen, Judy and I are so pleased we brought our newly adopted Westie to see you. As you know when we got her she was on her last chance as she had twice before attacked and bitten her owners. So we took her in, we were at wit's end at first as she attacked and bit both of us. But we knew she only did this because she was starved of love and left shut in an empty house for seven months. Then we discovered you and brought her along for treatment, it was the best thing we could have done for her. Thanks to you she is no longer aggressive and her confidence is returning as she accepts us. She is now the loving little dog she should be and she plays with our Scottie 'Monty' who has now also accepted her. Once again thank you so much Helen. If you send me your email address I can send this again as an email with photographs of Misty. Thanks

Judy n John